Feb 18, 2009

Good content for your blog

Blogging is all about providing your readers with good content. First let us discuss what is good content. Adjectives that are often used for it are latest, cool, very useful, exemplary, in depth…. etc. What we understand is that good content is a relative term. It will change according to your blog topic.
Where to find good content? No single website or for that matter even a group is not sufficient. Do a lot of general reading like newspapers, journals, books to gain the first hand information. Even your academic knowledge could be a gold pot. Research extensively about your topic on the web. Never underestimate the power of local knowledge, these tips make your content unique. Discuss about your topic with your friends & family especially the elders, they may surprise you with their experience.
To add some spice you need pictures, music, videos. For that you need a long term plan & probably some smart artistic skills. Try to make simple cartoons and caricatures. Tables, flowcharts, pie diagrams always prove handy. At times use your mobile to capture images.
Sometimes its not a bad idea to quote someone but take care that you give that person due credit, a link to the original source. Good references are always liked by readers. Some off-track information like historical background or funny aspects makes stuff interesting.
Finally some proven free sources that make life easy.

  1. Wikipedia
  2. About.com
  3. IMDB
  4. Google News
  5. PubMed
  6. ERIC
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Zeon said...

Where are you from Pushkar? Indiblogger meets happen all round the country. Let us know where you are and we'll surely get you the focus you need :-)

- Zeon

j k said...

Quite a refreshing post Dr. very informative. The topic itself is offbeat.

Amitabh Mukherjee said...

Dr Pushkar, Thanks for submitting your blog to http://www.squidoo.com/Blogroll-India
I noticed that you have not voted for self or anyone else. You may do so you know.
And thanks for stopping by my blog.