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Nokia at MWC (09)

Recently concluded Mobile World Conference 2009 at Argentina brought many announcements from all cell phone majors. Nokia was as usual the busiest counter. They came out with a slew of announcements in multiple categories. Here’s a brief review :-

Nokia E-series saw a lot of the action with the introduction of two new phones :-

Nokia-E75 1. Nokia E75 :- Said to be the successor of Nokia Communicator, this phone has a new shiny & polished look. One of the nifty features is addition of free Ovi-Mail service which brings to you your mails from all email providers at one place. Other features are 3.2 MP camera, full 3G capabilities & Max 4GB expandable memory via SD card. Here are some cool Nokia E75 pics.


2. Nokia E55 :- A super slim Smartphone with Blackberry Pearl like looks. This one is just 1 cm thick. It features only a half QWERTY keyboard and comes with a good 3.2 megapixel camera. Take a look at these awesome Nokia E55 pics.

Nokia also introduced some additions to its N-series in form of Nokia N97 and NNokia-N86okia N86. Here’s the complete review of Nokia N97.

New Nokia N86 is the first Nokia phone with a 8 MP camera. Here is the complete rundown at Nokia.

For more on Nokia at MWC visit this Nokia MWC 09 video.

Watch out what others had to offer at MWC 09.


SM said…
like your nokia review
nice blog ,i hope one day my blog will be also on your bestblogindex list.
Ritu said…
Hi Pushkar, this is good information.
hi Thanks for the comment. I have been to your blog and needs more stickiness in terms of content. Develop your insights, join forums, connect with other bloggers and track the industry very closely..this will certainly help.
lafemmereva said…
I like Nokia N85!! :)are u into the berry/iphone/nokia - which is better debate:)

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