Aug 1, 2013


Shree Bose and what her discovery means for cancer patients

Ovarian Cancer - A Background

Ovary is a female reproductive tissue analogous to testis in males. It is responsible for sexual development. It produces ova and certain sex hormones. It contains two types of cells epithelial and non epithelial, germ cells. Cancer can affect all the types and subtypes of cells. Ovarian cancer often affects post menopausal women. Its symptoms range from nausea, vomiting, constipation, loss of appetite, weight loss to severe abdominal or lower back pain, vaginal bleeding. Symptoms may vary according to location of tumor and the particular subtype affected. Exact cause (etiology) remains unknown. But the risk factors include genetics, age, parity etc. Treatment can be surgical chemotherapeutic or radiological. Surgical treatment includes removal of ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus. It’s a radical procedure and can be employed in early stages when the cancerous growth restricted with no distant metastasis.

A new research development

Shree Bose and her guide Dr Alakananda Basu set out on path to discover the exact mechanism of insulin resistance in chemoresistant cases.
Here's what they found :-
AMPK and cisplatin resistance

                     AMPK and cisplatin resistance

Implications of new research development in treatment of Ovarian Cancer :-

Chemotherapy forms an important part of treatment in ovarian cancer patients. Cisplatin is a very often used drug in cancer chemotherapy (in many cancers including ovarian cancer). Knowing the mechanism of its resistance will help doctors and scientists develop more accurately targeted medicines which will cause much lesser harm to normal cells and increase the effectiveness of cancer chemotherapeutic drugs, thus improving the life of all cancer patients.

This novel approach may also be used in advancing our medical knowledge about AMPK and its role in variety of body processes, thus enabling us to understand body mechanisms which are not yet known. This new development has potential to create new avenues and open new  approaches to various aspects.
And even more commendable is the work of Shree Bose who showed to the world what one can do with commitment and zeal. She is indeed a role model for today's youth world over. Many congratualtions to her and her team and big THANK YOU!

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