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Twitter on a role

Twitter and Facebook along with Myspace are currently the three hottest social networking websites. Myspace had its first birthday way back in 2003, Facebook took to web in 2004 & Twitter originated in 2006. But since its origin the amount of buzz that Twitter has generated has sent shockwaves across the various media platforms. What is Twitter? According to Wikipedia, Twitter is a social networking & micro- blogging service that allows its users to send and read other users' updates which are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length. Those who do not know how to use Twitter may have a look at these wonderful Twitter tips for beginners by PC Magazine & this Twitterspeak for twitter terminology. Ever since its inception the growth of Twitter has been exemplary. 08-09 US Presidential Campaign , Mumbai terror attack & most recently (Feb 09) US Airways Flight 1549 accident generated the amount of buzz as never seen before. Actually such was the Twitter bu

Nokia at MWC (09)

Recently concluded Mobile World Conference 2009 at Argentina brought many announcements from all cell phone majors. Nokia was as usual the busiest counter. They came out with a slew of announcements in multiple categories. Here’s a brief review :- Nokia E-series saw a lot of the action with the introduction of two new phones :- 1. Nokia E75 :- Said to be the successor of Nokia Communicator, this phone has a new shiny & polished look. One of the nifty features is addition of free Ovi-Mail service which brings to you your mails from all email providers at one place. Other features are 3.2 MP camera, full 3G capabilities & Max 4GB expandable memory via SD card. Here are some cool Nokia E75 pics . 2. Nokia E55 :- A super slim Smartphone with Blackberry Pearl like looks. This one is just 1 cm thick. It features only a half QWERTY keyboard and comes with a good 3.2 megapixel camera. Take a look at these awesome Nokia E55 pics . Nokia also introduced some additions

Good content for your blog

Blogging is all about providing your readers with good content. First let us discuss what is good content . Adjectives that are often used for it are latest, cool, very useful, exemplary, in depth…. etc. What we understand is that good content is a relative term. It will change according to your blog topic. Where to find good content ? No single website or for that matter even a group is not sufficient. Do a lot of general reading like newspapers, journals, books to gain the first hand information. Even your academic knowledge could be a gold pot. Research extensively about your topic on the web. Never underestimate the power of local knowledge, these tips make your content unique. Discuss about your topic with your friends & family especially the elders, they may surprise you with their experience. To add some spice you need pictures, music, videos. For that you need a long term plan & probably some smart artistic skills. Try to make simple cartoons and caricatures. Table

Nokia N97 hands on

Yesterday at the latest Mobile World Congress 2009 (MWC 09), Nokia made a slew of announcements, one of which was its highly awaited new S60 based touch screen phone N97. Courtesy :- Gizmodo Features:- Full QWERTY keyboard Smooth 30° flip mechanism 640x360 resistive touch screen 5800 quick contacts bar Symbian60 v5 OS 32 GB internal memory 16 GB Expandable memory via microSD card Customizable widgets like Facebook, RSS Accelerometer A-GPS with Nokia Maps 3.0 5-MP Camera with Zeiss lens & LED flash TV out Apps i.e. widgets will be available through Nokia App store. It will be first launched in Europe and Asia then in US. It carries a hefty price tag of €550 (USD 695). For more visit Gizmodo & Engadget . Update :- Here's the link to Nokia N97 video . Technorati Tags: Mobile , Gadgets , N97 , Nokia , MWC 09 , Nokia N97 , Symbian , S60

Make your blog more presentable

Continuing from my last post about the art of blogging , here i am going to focus on how to make your blog standout in the crowd. Today an internet user crawls through hundreds & sometimes even thousands of pages in a day. It is but natural that he/she wont remember your page unless it has some good content or something unique. How to make your blog unique? First thing that naturally affects any web surfer about a blog is its visual appeal. Apply unique themes to make your blog beautiful. Some excellent blogger themes can be found at Deluxe Templates & Our Blog Templates. Optionally for your own website you can have a look at these very creative designs . Ease of use. Keep in mind there are thousands like you doing the same thing. Make reader a king, make it easy for him to get whatever he wants. Especially don’t make things complicated, don’t use very gaudy & complex themes. Structured information always improves your readership. Categories, labels, tags, archives, in

The art of blogging

Writing a good blog is an art. Your writing skill shows your ability to convey an idea. To become popular or to make money through a blog requires you to teach masses about your idea. This is where skill plays its part. So how do you write a blog? There has to be a structure to the blog like a brief introduction, sufficient description, analysis, and the opinion. Opinion is an important part that is often missed. Blog has to be precise yet so informative, common yet so unique & also gripping to have a tight hold over its readers. Title has to be explanatory yet secretive. It should to be attractive enough to draw the readers but not very flashy. Language should be lucid, avoid the overemphasis on oomph. Grammar, spellings, sentence construction has to be spot on. Description part should be unique, thorough, well researched & easily understandable keeping in mind the length factor. Links, Images & Videos contribute to the richness of the blog. Using quotes, idioms &

Darwin Blogs

You must be thinking about the title, what Darwin has to do with blogs or rather with the blog labelled "Best Blogs". Just a little offbeat today because today is Charles Robert Darwin, the great scientist's 200th birthday. So as a doctor i decided to dedicate this post to the great man who proposed the " Theory of Evolution through Natural Selection" . Today i am going to take you on a ride which sheds light on Darwin through this blog. Biograghy Of Charles Darwin :- This website provides a full biography about Charles Darwin, his various publications & manuscripts. It also provides great pictorial timeline. Here are a few great pics :- Another website which describes in detail the Darwin's theory in paragraphs & classic pictures can be easily accessed here :- Darwin's Theory Of Evolution Finally on a passing note, some fun facts about Darwin . Technorati Tags: darwin , evolution , natural selection