Feb 16, 2009

Make your blog more presentable

Continuing from my last post about the art of blogging, here i am going to focus on how to make your blog standout in the crowd.
Today an internet user crawls through hundreds & sometimes even thousands of pages in a day. It is but natural that he/she wont remember your page unless it has some good content or something unique. How to make your blog unique?
First thing that naturally affects any web surfer about a blog is its visual appeal. Apply unique themes to make your blog beautiful. Some excellent blogger themes can be found at Deluxe Templates & Our Blog Templates. Optionally for your own website you can have a look at these very creative designs.
Ease of use. Keep in mind there are thousands like you doing the same thing. Make reader a king, make it easy for him to get whatever he wants. Especially don’t make things complicated, don’t use very gaudy & complex themes.
Structured information always improves your readership. Categories, labels, tags, archives, inward links makes finding things very easy. It also helps in Search Engine Optimization.
Icons, emoticons, pictures, videos, quotes, links, some good humor & beautiful widgets and their effective placement with simplicity appeals to the human senses.
Neat & clean fonts, faster load times, personal touch like something interesting in the profile would definitely work in your favour.
Hope these tips help you make your blog prettier & more presentable. Stay tuned much more to come on blogging!

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4 responses:

David Bruce Jr said...

Great post... hey how did you get the rounders template to display those social bookmarking buttons *above* the post?

I can see in feedburner where to add the feedflare under the post.

how did you accomplish your customization?

btw I followed your blog in my blogger profile, I don't want to miss your next few posts if I'm gonna learn stuff from you.


Anonymous said...

Nice blogging tips. Let me try them !

Vyazz said...

Thnx 4 the tips.....will try to apply them!!

* મારી રચના * said...

thanks Pushkar for shairing this useful information..