Apr 15, 2009

5 most interesting blogs on IPL 2009

IPL 2009 fever is on the rise as the date of commencement is approaching fast. Meanwhile bloggers are busy creating some cool & interesting stuff for the readers. Watching at what’s in the store, I think readers are in for a real treat this time. Already some amazing posts have been written about IPL in the blogosphere. Lots of controversies maybe one of the reasons for such frenzy. Here i will provide you with some posts that i found really interesting.

  • One of my friends, an avid blogger was really disturbed at a recently published news about IPL which read that shifting of IPL was an anti-national act. It was about some crazy fans filing a case in the Supreme Court that shifting of IPL would result in great harm to the national pride & huge economic losses. My friend really digged the news & wrote this interesting post on it – IPL : Anti-national?
  • As we all know this IPL has been mired with controversies all around, but there are always some surprises when it comes to such mega events. One of the big ones was an announcement made by famous Kolkata Night Riders Coach John Buchanan that they will field different captains for different matches. This was one heck of a news for a die hard Kolkata Night Riders fan & a blogger. Their favorite star Sourav Ganguly being sidelined as a captain was just not acceptable for him. So with his witty humor he crafted this excellent post – Captain.. Captain..
  • General Elections 2009 was the main reason to move this mega event to South Africa. But whilst this was being done there was a lot of hue & cry amongst the people & media about this decision & its pros & cons. A journalist, blogger & a harsh critic was all fury about this drama being done & important issues being sidelined. He launched a scathing attack with his pen & published a masterpiece titled -- IPL Blues.
  • Its rightly said that “all work & no play makes jack (or whoever it was) a dull guy”. Similarly for bloggers all words & no pictures makes it a dull post. So here’s an artist & blogger who has published some really funny cartoons on the various news & events related to IPL. Below is one of the IPL cartoons from his blog.
  • Last but not the least by any means, in fact this one’s my favorite. We all know about Mr. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, a smart investor (or like some people say India’s “Warren Buffett”), but not many know about his writing skills & his fantastic blog. He too joined the IPL blogger’s list in his own unique style. He posted an awesome mocking piece on IPL. I will not play a spoiler, only thing i can say is that you can enjoy this must read post at Rakesh Jhunjhunwala’s Website.
Have a happy time reading this short list of blogs that i recommended but please don’t forget to leave your comments here so that i can come up with more such interesting stuff for you to read. Also if you like this post please Digg it or mark it as a Technorati favorite using the buttons below so that others can find it easily. And just a reminder there’s a subscription service ( RSS feeds based and/or email-based) as well.

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10 responses:

Kadambari said...

Interesting links. I'm reading them now.. I have already read the Jhunjhunwala thing though. Nice compilation!

Dr Pushkar said...

Thanks. Great thing about all of them is that they are very different from each other.

Unknown said...

Thanks Pushkar, You too have a great blog.

sammythewizzy said...

Whoa!!! This is a big surprise!! Thanks for the link dude... The other blogs simply rock.. Am flattered that I am with them.. Thanks again.. :D :D (now u've made my job harder)

Dr Pushkar said...

@sachin Value your appreciation & yes thanks for the cartoon.

@Sam Your story was original & much less reported. Fresh content always ranks high.

arbitmind said...

Hi. Great to know that you find my post interesting.
BTW...yesterday we had a glimpse of the genius :-D

Dr Pushkar said...

@Arbitmind Your post is really fantastic. And yeah Ravi Shastri made an interesting comment after KKR lost the match --

"After this performance, they don't need 4 captains, they need 11 of them."

Anonymous said...

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