Feb 15, 2009

The art of blogging

Writing a good blog is an art. Your writing skill shows your ability to convey an idea. To become popular or to make money through a blog requires you to teach masses about your idea. This is where skill plays its part.
So how do you write a blog? There has to be a structure to the blog like a brief introduction, sufficient description, analysis, and the opinion. Opinion is an important part that is often missed. Blog has to be precise yet so informative, common yet so unique & also gripping to have a tight hold over its readers. Title has to be explanatory yet secretive. It should to be attractive enough to draw the readers but not very flashy. Language should be lucid, avoid the overemphasis on oomph. Grammar, spellings, sentence construction has to be spot on.
Description part should be unique, thorough, well researched & easily understandable keeping in mind the length factor. Links, Images & Videos contribute to the richness of the blog. Using quotes, idioms & phrases makes reading a pleasure. Humor adds some spice & makes it digestible.
To make your blog unique, write in your own style like conversational, mocking (but not derogatory), thrilling, baby talk etc. Don't reveal your secrets all at a time, keep some for the future. Ask a few questions. Create a healthy debate.
These all points will help you write a good blog. But to popularize and monetize a blog you need extra efforts and extra blogs. This is my first of this series. So stay tuned!
Meanwhile enjoy these beautiful blogs.

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2 responses:

Tonya said...

I really liked this post. I am trying my best to do some of these things. A work in process!


Tonya said...

Thank you for your criticisms. I don't understand why you did it, though. I did not ask for you to pick my site apart. I only commented on a good post.