Apr 21, 2009

Twitter stories with a difference

Twitter has been in the news for some length of time now. That’s the free publicity it has received since its inception. It may be because of its simplicity, mass appeal or just the fact that it provokes a reaction (either love or hate). I decided to have a look at what exactly appears in the news. I studied the news about twitter for the past few days. During this time i came across some interesting news & events which i will share with you.

Amazonfail is a twitter success
-- April 15, 2009 Source :- findingdulcinea
Its about a recent incident wherein Amazon deranked some GLSB (G*y, L**bian, Bi***ual & Transg**der) books in its catalog. Publishers & authors were naturally angry with Amazon’s action because it meant decreased sales for them. So in order to protest against Amazon’s action, they began writing about it on their blog & created a hash tag #Amazonfail on twitter to communicate with each other. After few days Amazon came under intense pressure and apologized publicly & the #Amazonfail became a hot trend on twitter.

Twitter growth goes through the roof
-- April 16, 2009 Source :- The Tech Herald
This is a news article published by The Tech Herald based on Comscore Media Metrix report which said that Twitter’s popularity grew by 131% in the month of march & its user base grew by more than 5 million to reach the 9 million mark.

Jackman in $100K Twitter offer
-- April 17, 2009 Source :- Metro
X-Men star Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman made a sensational announcement on live radio to give away a 100,000$ cash gift to anyone who sends him the best twitter message about charity. He said he wanted people to talk more about charity & give it more airspace through this offer.

Pivotal moments in Twitter's short lifetime
-- April 18, 2009 Source :- CTV.ca
To help explain the growing Twitter Zeitgeist, Forbes published a list of important events in which Twitter played a vital role. All events including the Mumbai Attack, US Airplane crash etc have been listed & along with it Wikipedia page views & media mentions about each event have been added. You may also have a look at my article on this subject – Twitter on a role.

Shaheen Jafargholi to rival Susan Boyle after Twitter praise from Demi Moore
-- April 19, 2009 Source :- Telegraph.co.uk
After Susan-Boyle sang “I dreamed a dream” at the reality show “Britain’s got Talent” she became an overnight sensation with fans all across the world. But amongst all this hype over Susan Boyle Demi Moore, an American actress showered praise on other 12 year old contestant Shaheen Jafargholi by sending a tweet “Wow this kid is something else!”

Twitter Dumb and Twitter Dee
-- April 20, 2009 Source :- Huffington Post
It's a funny article by a Huffington Post writer on a recent highly overhyped tussle between CNN & Ashton Kutcher to reach a million followers mark first. Author hates the Social media & more so twitter & makes some interesting disclosures about how he uses various social media platforms.

Twitter under attack, yet again
-- April 21, 2009 Source :- Digitaltrends.com
After the Mikeyy episode, Twitter has come under yet another attack but not by malware this time. Its a phishing attack which displays tweets containing enticing messages & asks user to check out fake sites like www.thesmartEcard.com. Twitter officials have claimed that the attacks were brief & they have been controlled but have asked users to avoid viewing the profiles of people sending such tweets.

Thanks for bearing me. But have you pondered the title, the dates below each of the posts. Oh wait! its not over yet. Have i told you about a new service announced today by Google which allows you to view the topics in a chronological order, as they occurred in the news, just like what i have done above using the word Twitter. Its a service that presents to you the news stories in a different style & is named as Google Timeline.
Twitter stories
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7 responses:

Kadambari said...

Now this is a good set of interesting tweets. And people will do anything to have their names/ brands/ companies get tossed around the Internet. Twitter has become a platform for all that.

sammythewizzy said...

Nice collection of twitter posts .. Didnt know about the #Amazonfail thing.. Twitter is growing by leaps and bounds these days.. It has powerful platform, and I think thats a good things.. Come to think of it because of its simplicity and accessibility, it can easily become a great tool for democracy

sammythewizzy said...

darn these typos.. I meant, a 'good thing', not 'good things'!! :(

Dr Pushkar said...

@Kadambari Yes its become a tool for viral marketing. But what amazes (at times bothers) me is the no. of ways that people come up with to use a simple tool like Twitter.

@Sammythewizzy Twitter - A tool for democracy. What an idea, Sirjee!

lafemmereva said...

BTW Ashton is donating mosquito nets for having reached 1 million tweets!!

and twitter is mostly popular because people have know gone from blogging to micro blogging. saves time!!

and it tops facebook in the fact that you dont have to go to a persons page to see what he is upto. oh my!! saving time arent we!! we can follow it on our page and also be choosy of who we follow!! :P

sammythewizzy said...

@reva .. good point.. I wonder what we will come up with next to save our time.. 40 character super-micro-blogging? Maybe 1 word nan0-blogging perhaps :) .. Small is big.. :D

Sudhir Kekre said...

Dr. Pushkar
Thanks for following my blog. appreciate it very much.